REACH THE RIM – Fitness and Nutrition Training Program

“You have to be committed…”

For any aspiring basketball player, the ultimate goal is to reach the rim. In order to accomplish such a feat, one has to be super fit and strong. Reach the Rim teaches youth that achieving fitness is a commitment to themselves and that no one else can commit to their bodies.

We emphasize that it takes discipline and a willingness to make sacrifices. Our motto is “Don’t cheat yourself.” For optimal results, participants are encouraged to dedicate 90 minutes a day, 5 times a week to cardiovascular exercise.

We instill at an early age the importance of making eating right a habit (i.e. minimize junk food!) We encourage a diet full of fish, whole grain pasta, vegetables, fruits and plenty of water.

We consistently teach participants that being active and healthy are important parts of being a good student and that using exercise to blow off steam and to re-energize will actually help them do better with their school work.

Getting their daily servings of the proper foods combined with regular exercise will help talented young athletes reach the rim.