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Community Screenings – Crips and Bloods

As part of our SHOOT THE RIGHT SHOT Anti-Gang Initiative, over the summer of 2009 we held community screenings in priority neighbourhoods across the GTA of a documentary produced by NBA All-Star Point Guard Baron Davis about the Crips and Bloods gangs. The film chronicles the origins and evolution of these two infamous L.A. street gangs and presents a graphic picture of the reality of ‘thug’ life – which is a vast departure from the glamorized media images that far too many youth across our city are emulating.

In light of the recent escalation in ‘gang’ related Black youth violence and homicides across our city, we hope that by targeting youth ages 11-13 (an age group that is particularly vulnerable to academic disengagement and gang recruitment) with a strong anti-violence, self-love, self-respect message, we can stem this crisis before we see the unacceptably high levels of Black youth-on-Black youth crime that plague the inner-cities of the United States.

With special permission from the film’s producers to show the films at Cineplex Odeon theatres, our first two screenings took place at Coliseum Scarborough (Scarborough Town Centre) and SilverCity Yorkdale (Yorkdale Shopping Centre). Our third screening took place at San Romanoway Cineplex, a theatre created in the heart of a housing complex in the Jane/Finch community – a community particularly plagued by conflict between rival ‘Blood’ and ‘Crip’ factions. Additional screenings are planned for the fall, targeting other priority neighbourhoods where gang issues are prevalent.

“Be Your Brother’s Keeper, ‘Cause Times Are Gettin’ Steeper”

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