No Books, No Basketball

?homework assistance ?one-on-one tutoring ?basketball training ?nutrition & fitness lessons

No Books, No Basketball – Academic and Athletic Mentoring Program is designed to teach students at high risk of academic disengagement/failure and/or gang involvement, the fundamentals of education and basketball, emphasizing the importance of education with the same intensity as basketball training.

In order to participate in the basketball training component of the program, participants are required to attend homework and tutoring sessions. Staff, tutors and coaches set and maintain the highest standard of attendance, behaviour and academic achievement in order to instill the work ethic and values that will be critical in order for participants to achieve personal, social, athletic and professional success.

We help athletes reach their full academic and athletic potential through mentoring, counseling, tutoring and constant communication with staff. We provide athletes with the proper conditioning methods, strength training, nutritional guidance, sports psychology, sports medicine and basketball-specific exercises.

We stress and emphasize academic performance first – athletics only comes into play once the athlete is excelling in his/her academics.

Human performance is based upon their level of knowledge, which comes through education, which in turn produces athletic excellence.

We strive to make the student athlete achieve the highest levels of success. We provide high-quality instruction and instill discipline through our elite staff that possesses the ability to lead our youth to higher levels of achievement.