Neighbourhood Employment / Education / Entrepreneurial Training

“When society denies a people legitimate opportunities for advancement, they develop alternative codes of honour and success.”

Systemic racism and decades of municipal, provincial and federal policies have had an adverse effect on Toronto’s Black communities. As a result, there are alarmingly high levels of Black males at risk of not completing high school, being unable to gain meaningful employment and/or coming into repeated contact with the criminal justice system.

Black males that are unable to obtain legitimate employment often create their own, illegal, means of generating income. These illicit activities contribute to the lack of safety and increased police presence that commonly plague underserved neighbourhoods throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

N.E.T. is an on-going program that addresses the lack of alternative educational and employment opportunities for the above-mentioned demographic. We work with these “high risk” youth to provide and/or connect them with existing free/low-cost:

1. knowledge of Self / Black-focused education;
2. programs to earn a high school diploma (GED);
3. educational scholarships and bursaries;
4. employment / job search assistance;
5. skilled trades apprenticeships / training;
6. small business training / mentorship;
7. personal / family counseling; and
8. pardon processing assistance