B.R.O.S. (Brothers Reaching Our Sons) Mentorship Recreation Program

“Creating young men – one boy at a time”

Past experience has shown that the demographic particularly vulnerable to academic disengagement/failure and/or gang recruitment are Black males in grades 7-8.

The B.R.O.S. Mentoring Recreation Program addresses the lack of positive adult male role models for young, Black males in the Kingston-Galloway community Far too many youth have been pushed out or dropped out of school, come into conflict with the law and/or have criminal records.

We target “high risk” youth in grades 7-8 because past experience has shown that If not properly equipped with the right mindset and decision-making tools, these youth can often take a dramatic turn for the worse in their early high school careers, resulting in disciplinary problems, conflict with the law and/or academic failure.

Using their love for the game of basketball as an outreach and engagement tool, participants are placed in a structured setting whereby youth can draw on the experiences and guidance of adult male role models who in many cases, have had troubled pasts but have overcome their difficulties by learning to make wiser life decisions.

The goal is to help these youth develop a healthy and positive self-image, strong desire to build (instead of destroy) their communities, and positive employment, life-skills and educational outcomes, before a vicious cycle of repeated contact with the law develops.